Home Paddock

Crafts & Gardening

The Home Paddock Pavilion is an interactive and educational pavilion for all ages.

For keen crafters, knitters, cooks and gardeners there is plenty on offer.

Kids may partake in a craft activity run by South West Tafe.

Details are to be finalised and there will be the opportunity to interact with several different guilds throughout Sheepvention plus garden displays and trade sites.

The Kazoos Kid’s Show

The Kazoos will be performing in the Home Paddock on Monday and Tuesday at Sheepvention.


Professor Silly (think Jim Carey for preschoolers) loves a GOOD Question! But with a PHD in silliness his answers are …well…silly!! So Tulip is going to need A LOT of help from the kids to help sort out the mayhem so their magical floating island can continue on it’s Quest for a Question!


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