Ag Competitions

Livestock Logic Feed Competition


Enter simply by having your Feed tested

with Livestock Logic, Hamilton Victoria


Hay Section – Michael Todd

Silage Section – Mark Fraser

The 2019 Competition was proudly Sponsored by Barenbrug & Debenham Australia

Working Dogs Competition

The Coprice Victorian Yard Dog Championships is affiliated with the with the V.Y.U.F.D.A.

Overall Champion 2019:  Kate Jubb with Woodja Cruise

Inventions Competition

The Inventions Competition is conducted during Sheepvention and was held in the 40th Anniversary marquee this year. This is a major competition designed to stimulate the invention, manufacture and display of new items and equipment that will be of benefit to the Sheep and Wool Industry and agriculture in general.

Wool Handling Competition

Sheepvention 2019 includes a Wool Handling Competition on Sunday 4th August – featuring Open, Senior and Novice classes. Spectators never fail to be amazed at the speed and skill of the woolhandlers in these competitions. There are also shearing demonstrations held following the Wool Handling.

This year, we have the honour of presenting a Bush Poet & Shearing Show featuring John Graham and Terry Rowbottom on Tuesday 6th August at 10.00am & 2.00pm. Come along and see some magic.


Wool Handling Results:



1st – Sophie Huf – 29.6

2nd – Mark Purcell – 31.8

3rd – Jayne Griffin – 36.3

4th – Kirsty Pollock – 49.5



1st – James Murphy – 46.33

2nd – Moreen Wainohu – 51.56

3rd – Tenika Foat – 67.03

4th – Shawnee Tewhare – 79.53



1st – Tenika Foat – 47.16

2nd – Heather Wallden – 50.26

3rd – Maya Ratana – 61.36

4th – Holly Cooper – 68.4

Young Auctioneers Competition

Each year, the Hamilton P&A Society runs the Young Auctioneers Event at Sheepvention with great participation. The competition is very well supported and a fantastic crowd is always on hand to cheer on the competitors. To capitalise on this and provide more room for the crowd as well as a better selling environment, the auction takes place in the Wool Shed Selling Centre, one of the busiest pavilions.



1st Matthew Jones from Elders

2nd Zac Van Wegen from Kerr & Co

Junior Judging Competition

Junior Judging Results 2019

OVER 15s

1st Ailie Bows – Hamilton & Alexandra College

2nd Holly McLeod – Hamilton & Alexandra College

3rd Alyssa Hockey – Hamilton & Alexandra College



1st Alex Rees – Balmoral Community College

2nd Joel Rees – Balmoral Community College

3rd Jordy Brown – Hamilton & Alexandra College



Ailie Bows from Hamilton & Alexandra College


Olivia Pearson


Draw: Topsy Baulch & Jess Sutherland

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