Meet Our Producers

Westerly Downs Duck & Quail
Westerly Downs is a family owned and run regenerative farm in the hills of Henty Victoria where they run pastured duck and quail alongside their beef operation. They cover the entire process of breeding, hatching and brooding their birds until they are of age to be raised on chemical free, multi-species pastures with access to swimming water in dams and ponds, sunshine, bugs and all things that come natural to them.
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Grampians Olive Co
Grampians Olive Co. is home to the historic ‘Toscana’ Olive Plantation. Established in 1943 by immigrant farmer Jacob Friedman under the Grampian Olive Plantations Co., our grove was one of the first and largest groves in Australia at the time. The grove was renamed "Toscana" in the early 1960s - honouring Italian involvement in the grove’s establishment and similarity in climate and scenery to the Toscana (Tuscany) region in Italy. Over the past 70 years our grove has established a reputation for producing Australia's best organic extra virgin olive oil and is the choice of some of Australia's top chefs and restaurants. We our proud that our efforts produce consistently award winning products.

Today we are still 100% Australian family owned, run by two generations of the Mathews; Andrew and Susan and son Greg. In 2015 we wanted to better reflect the beauty of the unique Grampians location in which our products are grown and produced. So we are now known as "Grampians Olive Co. - the home of Toscana". The name is a throwback to our grove’s original name and combines our two brands (Grampians Olive Estate & Toscana), reconnects with our roots and better communicates the origin of our products. We are passionate custodians of the long and proud history of premium certified organic olive oil production in the beautiful Grampians in North Western Victoria. 

True to our philosophy of quality over quantity, we undertake every process from tree to bottle with great care. Our 28,000 olive trees are low-density planted in the traditional 10 x 10m layout.  Our grove is certified organic and dryland farmed, meaning it relies solely on rainfall with absolutely no irrigation, producing a low yield of oil beautifully concentrated in flavour. Our heritage olive trees are a mix of traditional and rare olive varieties such as Verdale, Bouquettier and Benito. While these varieties produce a low yield the flavour and quality of the oil produced is exceptional, enhanced by the age of the trees.
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Grampians Food Co
Grampians Food Co was started back in 2020, with an aim to produce fresh produce for Dunkeld & the local Southern Grampians Shire. We have implemented a "no-till" garden bed system which focuses on feeding the soil & nurturing the biology that helps to create a sustainable source of food.
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Honest Eggs Co
At Honest Eggs Co. we are on a mission to change egg farming for the better. That means approaching everything with a regenerative mindset, down to the smallest detail. For instance, we eliminated the use of non-biodegradable glue which we used to secure boxes on pallets for transportation. We’ve replaced it with grip sheets instead which can be reused, recycled and composted.

Co-founders Paul and Jacqui Righetti are 4th generation custodians of their farm in Yandoit, near Daylesford, in Victoria. Honest Eggs Co. was born out of a school project by their daughter. With strong beliefs in holistic farming methods passed down through generations it was the spark that led them to start egg farming in order to help regenerate the land, build additional income for the local community, and improve animal welfare standards.

Shortly after formation Paul and Jacqui were joined by Co-founders Ian and Kim Garsed – another farming family with the same values from ‘just down the road’. 6 years on there are now 7 x 3rd and 4th generation farming families in the regenerative farming collective.
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Timboon Railway Shed Distillery
All our single malt is made in our beautiful copper pot stills. Owner and distiller Josh Walker will usually have the still operating six days a week; bubbling, steaming and producing new make spirit to make our liquid gold. Talk to one of our well versed distillery team, read through the history of illicit distilling in the area and of course.... make sure you experience a WHISKY TASTING or one of our 'Aussie Blocks'.

Josh grew up in Timboon and started his own farm contracting business at the age of 17. Move forward several years and the passion for whisky lead to the purchase of the distillery. Having traveled the well worn whisky paths across Europe and America, learned the trade and experienced first hand the boom in the world wide trend to drinking premium spirits, Josh is now a respected member of the rapidly growing Australian single malt distilling industry.
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Casterton Distilling Co. 
A chance meeting, an empty space and a passion for fine spirits. A chance encounter of like minded souls and an agreeance that small batch distilling needs to be showcased in a raw and pure way, cut the path of conception for their carefully sourced botanicals that form the basis for their patiently distilled Gin. Pushing the boundaries of conventional flavours and complexity, challenging the science in order to seek the ultimate approval of the palate.

Casterton Distilling Co. represents elegance, is steeped in old world traditions, tempered by modern, stylish essences that you deserve to sample. Every drop of their carefully, hand crafted spirit projects a message from them to you.... Relax, Recharge and Savour the unforgettable malange of flavours from this region and worldwide.
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More producers to come...