Ram Sales & Sheep Show

Online Ram Sale Results 2020

2020 Online Ram Sale was a great success and here are the results:

83% clearance

$15,500 highest priced ram sold by Langdene
Average $3913
Total $203,500
Congratulations to all our vendors and buyers!

Sheep Show

The Hamilton and Western District Sheep Show is held as part of Sheepvention. 2019 feature breed is the Heritage. Approximately 1000 sheep exhibited in the Sheep Show in 2018.

The Hamilton & Western District Sheep Show reflects the diversity and history of sheep breeding in Australia, with representations from the heritage breeds such as the Lincoln and English Leicesters, the prime lamb breeds, dual purpose breeds and the wool breeds.

The Merino section augments the strong representation of the merino breed throughout the Sheepvention site – the Sheep Show, the Ram Sale, and individual stud trade displays.


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